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#409566 par Darly
10 Jan 2018, 00:30
Je suis récemment tombé sur cette vidéo qui m'a fait souffrir visuellement :
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f9tHPyIcCLA (âmes sensibles s'abstenir).

Je suis ressorti de cette vidéo assez énervé et j'ai écrit ce commentaire (je l'ai écrit en anglais pour que ça fit avec les autres commentaires de la vidéo, et flemme de traduire. S'il y a des fautes, c'est normal...) :

First of all, it's a bit strange to see that the main concept of the channel which is to discover what's inside objects to see how it's works or what it is made of is totally absent in this video. You just destroy the arcade machine, and that's it.

Secondly, the fact that you do a paid promotion of an iPad game feels like insulting people that love arcade machines and retro-gaming culture by saying "Hey look! Old games are horrible, look at this totally new app, it's way better!".

Then, I hope you didn't know that some people (like me) dream almost every day about getting this kind of Arcade Machine (especially a Pac Man one). I'm pretty sure that you know that arcades machines are rare and they're not made anymore (seems obvious but eh..) and destroying one of them is destroying a chance for a passioned guy to get an object that he's dreaming of.

Finally, you wrote in the description: "They aren't as hard to find as you might think. Vintage Arcade Machines are everywhere for sale, people just don't think about it as much these days." Which is totally wrong. It's hard as fuck to find ORIGINAL arcade machines. Plus, these are expensive as hell. So, again, it feels like an insult. There's a whole community that dreams of Arcade machines like the one you destroyed. So, yeah, today kids prefer the latest iPad app or the really new PS4. But "vintage" video games are part of the history and are the reason why these new games exist. It's like destroying original recordings of the Beatles while saying that it's too old for Taylor Swift.

Maintenant, je vous pose une question : qu'en pensez-vous ?
Même si ça ne changera rien, j'aimerais bien pouvoir en discuter avec vous.
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